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Great experience overall

It was great working with YouVee Solar. From the first time I contacted them about a quote through

post-install, they were very responsive and fully answered any questions I had. During installation, they communicated well about when they needed access to the house, and were willing to work with my schedule as much as was reasonable. They use high quality parts and their installation quality is great as well. The installation started right on schedule and proceeded without a hitch. The system has been producing for about a week and a half, and seems to be performing as expected.


Marc and Dylan are super easy to work with and will ensure that everything is done correctly! They worked

with us on scheduling so we didn''t have to take any days off of work. They also use super high quality panels with extensive warranties! I would HIGHLY recommend YouVee solar to anyone in Ridgecrest or the surrounding areas!

Very Professional

What I appreciated most from Marc was that there was no pressure to purchase more than what I was interested

in. He gave the impression that I knew best what I was looking for and that he was there only to provide information for me to make a decision. Once here, he and his crew were efficient yet thorough and completed both the pre-wire and final installation ahead of their promised time. When finished, everything looked neat and trim. After the installation, they have been ready to answer any questions that I have tossed their way. I don''t know how I would find a better installer.

Highly Recommended!

Marc and Dylan were awesome! They answered all our questions [same day usually] about the panels and

products, were very professional, did a great job [ran cables/conduit through the attic rather than over the roof], and we would highly recommend them to anyone shopping.

The whole experience

From start to end the whole experience with YouVee was outstanding. Not only did they answer all our

questions about their products and services but they actually performed to the expectations they set in that dialogue. The whole experience was absolutely painless. By the way, the products they use are the best available. Their workmanship was very good with very little intrusion and very efficient in the time they were on the job. They actually arrived when they promised and if things changed they were quick in letting you know so new arrangements could be made.


I have to agree with the prior posts about Marc and Dylan. They were straight forward, professional, on

time and on budget. I am very happy with my experience with YouVee Solar and happy to recommend them. 

Solar Energy in Ridgecrest

YouVee Solar installed my system and I have been very pleased with their Product, Installation and

Service. Both Marc Stockbauer and Dylan Riley are very professional in their respective business and offer the homeowners in our area an affordable alternative to obtaining Solar Energy and owning the system.

Home solar installation

Marc and Dylan did great work and answered our questions and addressed any concerns we had prior to, during,

and after our installation. We couldn''t have been in better hands and greatly appreciate their work on our home. Ridgecrest is lucky to have them!

Large Home Solar Installation

We were extremely satisfied with the work that YouVee Solar performed. They used excellent, American-made

components. My brother does R&D work on solar panels; he said the components they used were excellent. Their price was also very reasonable (we shopped around and even with using quality components, their price was great). Their interaction with us was great; they took time to make sure we know how the components worked, what the schedule was, how paperwork was being handled, etc. They showed up when they said they would, were careful and methodical, and kept to their schedule. 
Interacting with the city, county and utility company was straightforward because YouVee knew what those entities needed and had things lined up. 
Their support after the project was done was also terrific. Things like supplying copies of paperwork, etc were accomplished right away. 
Overall; the best experience I''ve had with any contractor doing work on my house.

Ground System Installation

Our experience with YouVee Solar has been an excellent undertaking. From project start to finish, Marc and

Dylan were helpful, courteous and reliable. If you are interested in acquiring a photo-voltaic system for your home or business, we recommend these dedicated professionals very highly. 

One of the best

Marc and Dylan are excellent. Being a small company, you are dealing with the owners. You can ask questions,

and they are knowledgeable about the options. They are very methodical, and treat the install as it was on their home. They kept us informed on each step. 
They watched the system remotely, and replaced a part that was not performing as well as it should before we noticed it.

Residential Solar Owner

YouVee Solar was Outstanding! I have recommended them to more than a dozen people who are looking and

thinking about solar. They put me at ease as I have been evaluating this move for years fretting each month over ever escalating electric bills. For the past two months I have had a zero electric bill and no longer fear going to the mail box. Dylan and Mark did a great job. Thanks to you both.

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